Fibre Optic Termination

How We Can Help You Connect Your Network

Fibre optic termination is the process of attaching a connector or a splice to the end of a fibre optic cable. Fibre optic termination allows you to connect your fibre optic cable to other cables or devices, such as patch panels, switches, routers, or servers. Fibre optic termination is a crucial step for installing and maintaining a fibre optic network, as it affects the quality and performance of your data transmission and communication.

At A to B Communications, we offer professional fibre optic termination services using the best tools and methods. Here are some of the features and benefits of our fibre optic termination services:

  • Connector termination: We can terminate your fibre optic cable with various types of connectors, such as SC, FC, LC, ST, etc. We use high-quality connectors that are designed to match the mode, core size, and performance of your fibre optic cable. We also use different polishing techniques to ensure physical contact and minimize light loss and back reflection. We can terminate your fibre optic cable with either traditional epoxy and polish connectors or quick termination connectors, depending on your needs and preferences.
  • Splice termination: We can terminate your fibre optic cable with splices, which are permanent joints between two or more fibres. We use either mechanical splices or fusion splices, depending on the type and application of your fibre optic cable. Mechanical splices align and hold the fibres together with a mechanical assembly. Fusion splices melt and fuse the fibres together with a fusion splicer. Both methods provide low-loss and reliable connections for your fibre optic cable.
  • Test and certify the cable: We test your terminated fibre optic cable for continuity and attenuation using a visible light source, a power meter and light source, or an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR). Continuity tests if the light reaches the opposite end of the cable, while attenuation tests the power loss between the source and the receiver. OTDR tests the length, loss, and location of defects in your fibre optic cable1. We also provide you with detailed reports that document our testing results and recommendations for your fibre optic termination.

Our fibre optic termination services are:

  • Fast: We can terminate your fibre optic cable within hours or days, depending on the length and type of your cable. We use advanced equipment and techniques to perform your fibre optic termination quickly and accurately./li>
  • Flexible: We can terminate any type of fibre optic cable, including single-mode, multimode, ribbon, loose tube, tight buffered, armoured, aerial, underground, indoor, outdoor, etc. We can also terminate any network configuration, such as point-to-point, ring, star, bus, etc.
  • We offer competitive prices for our fibre optic termination services. We also provide free quotes and consultations for your convenience.

If you need fibre optic termination services, contact us today. We have the experience and expertise to handle any fibre optic project. We guarantee your satisfaction and peace of mind.

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