Data Cabling Termination

How We Can Help You Connect Your Network

Copper termination is the process of attaching a connector or a block to the end of a copper cable. Copper termination allows you to connect your copper cable to other cables or devices, such as patch panels, switches, routers, or servers. Copper termination is a crucial step for installing and maintaining a copper network, as it affects the quality and performance of your data transmission and communication.

Copper terminations are not only important for data transmission, but also for power delivery. With the increasing use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, such as IP cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP phones, copper terminations need to support higher power levels and avoid overheating. Cat6A terminations are recommended for PoE applications as they offer higher bandwidth (500Mhz), lower insertion loss, and better heat dissipation than lower categories.

Copper terminations also need to comply with the latest Construction Product Regulations (CPR) that set fire rating requirements for all cables used in permanent installations within buildings. This is to prevent the spread of fire through the network cabling and cable pathways. The minimum CPR rating for network cable installation is Euroclass Cca s1b d2 a21. Copper terminations should match or exceed this rating to ensure safety and compliance.

At A to B Communications, we offer professional copper termination services using the best tools and methods. Here are some of the features and benefits of our copper termination services:

  • Connector termination: We can terminate your copper cable with various types of connectors. We use high-quality connectors from reputable brands that are designed to match the category, performance, and shielding of your copper cable as well as being independently verified as meeting the latest cabling standards.
  • Block termination: We can terminate your copper cable with various types of blocks, such as 66-type, 110-type,, or LSA. These are insulation displacement connection (IDC) blocks that pierce the insulation of the cable and make contact with the conductor2. We use high-quality jacksa, modules and patch panels that are designed to provide reliable and high-performance connections for your copper cable. We also use different punch down tools to ensure proper insertion and termination of your copper cable.
  • Test and certify the cable: We test your terminated copper cable for continuity and performance using a cable tester or a network analyzer. Continuity tests if the electrical signal reaches the opposite end of the cable, while performance tests the speed and bandwidth of the cable. We also provide you with detailed reports that document our testing results and prove that it meets the required standards.

Our copper termination services are:

  • Fast: We can terminate your copper cable within hours or days, depending on the quantity and type of your cable. We use advanced equipment and techniques to perform your copper termination quickly and accurately./li>
  • Flexible: We can terminate any type of copper cable, including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, etc.
  • Affordable: We offer competitive prices for our copper termination services. We also provide free quotes and consultations for your convenience.

If you need copper termination services, contact us today. We have the experience and expertise to handle any copper project. We guarantee your satisfaction and peace of mind.

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